Icon Paintings

The Holy Spirit 

 We are surrounded by information in our day to day lives with social media, news, and advertising to either entice us to purchase more to be happy or bring us knowledge of the hell we live in. Our traditions of life and spirit have changed and I want my paintings to reflect that change.  I choose happy colors to sugar coat the message of deceit as  we are shown in commercialism on a daily basis.

 Mary with Sacred Heart in traditional religious symbolism:  the devotion to the Heart of Mary, study and imitation hold as important a place as love. In my Mary with Sacred Piston Heart (piston is a Vespa piston represented) symbolizes modern life of the millennium's love for vehicles and oil and gas companies of Texas and surrounding areas which fuel our society and pollute our earth. The wreath from the seal of Texas containing the Live Oak tree (symbol of strength) and the olive branch (for peace) surrounds Mary in a leafy halo effect.  On Mary's red outer robe is cotton plant blooms which is one of the primary crops of Texas and a symbol of strength. On Mary's inner blue gown is bluebonnet flowers for memory of the dead.  Holding up Mary under her feet  is a scooter with a background of oil fields and a sunrise showing one of the type of terrains of Texas. The Sacred Piston Heart which is on her chest stands for her heart is full for the love of Vespa/Lambretta scooter, love of objects over devotion.


Jesus with Sacred Heart (piston is a Vespa piston represented) stands on the globe of the world with focus on the United States map and silhouette of vehicles being the dominant feature. On the outside of the globe is silhouettes of Dallas on the left and Houston on the right side.  Behind the head of Jesus is a halo of headlights from vehicle casting light from behind. In the wide rays that direct from his body are symbols of Texas: The painting is loaded with symbols of Texas. The mockingbird is a symbol of innocence and our state, the cactus for unconditional love, the armadillo for protection, cotton for strength, and bluebonnet for memory of the dead and struggle to survive. Rays of gold with black shoot out from Jesus symbolizing black gold oil.  Even though Texan defenders suffered defeat, the siege at the Alamo became a symbol of heroic resistance. On April 21, 1836, when Houston and a force of some 900 men routed 1,200-1,300 Mexicans under Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, the Texan forces shouted, Remember the Alamo. The Alamo is symbol of perseverance.


Art Icon Paintings

Frida and Me


I want to paint one of my art idols, I chose Frida Kahlo to be my first Art Icon painting.   Frida is shown with bright intense colors with a corn maze background.  Corn is the national crop of Mexico and is important to the foods and culture of Mexico.  Frida holds an ear of corn that is partially shucked with my portrait revealed.  she has given my imagination life and inspiration.  I wanted to pay her tribute.

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Georgia on My Mind

Georgia O'Keefe has blown me away as an admired artist.  Her use of close up cropped style of paintings has influenced my own work.  She wanted the viewer to see the beauty she saw.  I have always remembered that statement.  Her use of color and simplicity has a unique quiet beauty that has filled me with joy.  I want to pay her homage by painting her portrait and adding a background influenced by her work and my repetitive  pattern use.  I also tried a split canvas, inspired by one of my fellow artists.