About Us



Bachelors of Fine Art from East Texas State University.  Summer in London at 

King’s College studying art.  Master’s of Science in Art from Texas A & M University-Commerce.  



 As a painter in the media of acrylic, I enjoy playing with imagery that sparks imagination using color as a key component. I either use symbolism in my work to provoke the viewer or toy with my audiences sense of reason.  In the world we live in with photography being so accessible to us and the numerous photo apps, it is a note in history of life to create selfies and images unreal of ourselves and love ones. I have fallen in temptation of self indulgence as an artform.

The future


My work continues to evolve and develop.  You never know what exciting things I may paint next.  I want to push my limits as an artist in the modern society in which we live.