Vehicle Series Paintings

      My series of acrylic paintings reflect on the love of scooters and vehicles.  There is a culture that is distinctly auto in which my life is part of since childhood. I grew up watching and helping my father fix cars and trucks and have always enjoyed the beauty of the ride.  My paintings are generally cropped views of the machine that focus on the curve beauty of metal and reflection of chrome.  By viewing a cropped section of a scooter or such, the viewer is forced to see my viewpoint rather than the whole vehicle and missing the splendor of detail.  I glorify the vehicle by putting it on a pedestal to admire the beauty of the design. 

The backgrounds of the paintings are patterns and colors used in the decade of the autos birth to give a further clue of the age and memory of times past.  The collectors  see their objects as precious.  I  want to expand on the enthusiasts thoughts and the visual love we all have experienced from time to time of material objects.  Hopefully my efforts will further preserve the beauty of automobiles, motorcycles,  and scooters for all.  I want to present the viewer a memory of childhood and a simpler time.